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Exengaz operates in the Cylinder sector with entirely new and certified products under the brand Niğgaz in four different segments, including camping, household, commercial, and industrial bottles.

Household Bottle

Exengaz offers its customers two types of household bottle, fat (360 mm of diameter) and long (300 mm of diameter), containing 12 kg LPG each. These bottles are also used by businesses for welding, metal-cutting and heat treatment applications in addition to household uses such as cooking, warming, boiling and heating purposes.

Camping Bottle

Exengaz camping bottles containing 2 kg of LPG stand out with their light, portable and functional design, and preferred with peace of mind for heating, warming and lighting purposes.

Commercial Bottle

Exengaz commercial bottles containing 24 kg of LPG are generally preferred for operating combi boilers at high consumption locations such as work places and where natural gas is not available.

Industrial Bottle

Exengaz industrial bottles containing 45 kg of LPG are used at industrial and commercial organizations where LPG consumption is high.